Monday, September 11, 2006

Telos and transition

waterfall in Yellowstone national parkFive years ago, I started up an account with LiveJournal. I kept the "LJ" going for a few years. It was a digital identity that reflected who I was at that time: hypersocial and thoroughly extroverted, revelling in bizarre and self-deprecating humor.

I eventually deleted my LJ because the writing began to feel stale. The digital identity no longer conveyed my real interests, which were evolving.

So I decided to start over from a clean slate on Blogger. I originally dubbed the new blog Foibles' Follies. I thought the blog would consist of more self-deprecating humor -- just better written. But when I finally got round to writing posts this past June, I changed the name to Fixing Foibles & Follies.

The name explained
Foible has actually been my online moniker since 1993. Defined as a minor weakness or failing of character, it's long been one of my favorite words. Weaknesses and failings are particularly fascinating to me. This isn't because I'm a "glass half empty" sort who focuses on the negative. Much to the contrary, I'm a very optimistic person. I just firmly believe in thorough familiarity with one's weaknesses -- knowledge of the inner demons, if you will -- as a path of growth. You can't be truly strong unless you know where you are weak.

We can extrapolate beyond ourselves, to the entire planet. Foibles and follies are inarguably widespread. For example, many folks have been focusing on the short term, at the expense of the long term. My goal (or "telos" if you prefer a cooler word) with this blog is to look at the foibles and follies as fixable. Hence, the Fixing bit.

Plus, I like alliteration.

What lies ahead
It's been a busy time of transition for me over the past week as I've gotten ready for business school, which started today. In future posts, I'll be delving into what I'm learning, and explore the MBA program experience a bit. But I'll continue to tie topics to my main interest: how business and technology can help fix foibles and follies.



James Cooper said...

I think a lot of our blogging brethren began by basing their blogs on the bizarre, on belittling, or on bitchfests (yeah, I like alliteration too). I've gone through numerous revisions of my blog many of which were were of the above formats before finally settling on something different.

Good luck with Fixing Foibles & Follies, I've become a regular reader and I'm enjoying my stay here.

ps. As an on-again, off-again fencing student the word foible to me most often conjures up the last third of the sword including the point. It is the weakest part of the sword (the forte being the strongest at the base above the grip/guard) but it is also the deadly and cutting part of the sword. An interesting contrast, no?

Armchair Anarchist said...

If you dig through the early archives of VCTB (and I wouldn't recommend it) you can see a clear evolution from clueless BoingBoing clone to ... well, whatever the hell you'd call it now. I like to think of it as progress, anyway...I decided to leave the old stuff live because I'm a bit obsessive about not covering up my past, but there's times I regret it - suffice to say a lot of comments on the early posts get removed. Ahem.

And as a fellow futurist (of a sort) and lover of words, I too would like to wish you good luck, not just with F^3, but with the course too. Give 'em hell, brother. \m/

Jonathan said...

Guys, thanks for your comments. I enjoy both of your blogs and I appreciate your support of my (hopefully) ongoing evolution as a blogger. :)