Monday, February 05, 2007

Hello, midterms!

Time seems to be whipping right along this quarter. And lo and behold, midterms are here! I like finance a lot, but I suspect this morning's midterm did not reciprocate my affections. We shall see. I'm currently studying at Victrola for tomorrow's macroeconomics midterm. I'm hopped up on coffee and getting crazy with the IS/LM Model.

I remember, back last quarter, when I aspired to a stellar GPA. Those days are over, and it's a relief to "embrace the curve" as I hear many of my classmates saying right now. Slaving away for top grades is all well and good, but if you're in an MBA program, you do this at the expense of everything else: student leadership opportunities, projects in the business community, volunteering, interviewing for internships, etc. Those are the things I've been spending much more time with, and I'm feeling good about that.

Still, though, it's a balancing act, and I'm drilling back down into the academics tonight.

Just for fun (to procrastinate from my econ studying for just a few moments), I proffer you this look into my upcoming schedule:

  • Tomorrow: Marketing class / Macroeconomics midterm / Mock internship interview / MBAA (student government association) meeting
  • Wednesday: Informational interview with a UW MBA alum to learn about her job / meeting to discuss group paper for Strategy class / tentative BCN project meeting / work on paper throughout remainder of evening
  • Thurs: Finance class / Info session on Spring quarter electives / Lunch presentation on marketing opportunities at RealNetworks / Macroeconomics class / tentative group meeting / Business plan resources meeting / Meet with fellow business plan project collaborators



Sarah said...

Mine isn't much better. We're all so "doom and gloom" this week. I'm looking forward to the TG on Friday.

Paul Kilian said...

Well, now that midterm week is over we can all relax and enjoy some sweet, well-deserved free time. Right?