Saturday, January 27, 2007

Six idiosyncrasies

My friend Cybele recently tagged me with a request that I write a post about six of my idiosynrasies. Here we go:

1. I can juggle.

2. Just a few years ago, if I drank the slightest sip of coffee I would "go into orbit," to borrow one of my dad's expressions. Something changed (MBA program) over the past year, and now I drink two (large) cups of (strong) coffee per day.

3. I am completely allergic to dairy products -- not lactose intolerance, but the full-on allergy. I can't eat anything with any dairy in the ingredients -- whey, etc. This means I check a lot of labels. And I tend to eat a lot of Asian food.

4. I was a spelling bee champion in junior high, winning 3rd place in the Western Washington regional spelling bee finals.

5. This isn't all that idiosyncratic, but it seems to surprise many of my current MBA classmates: my appearance has changed a bit over the years. In the mid-90s, I had long hair and a beard. (The photo shows my sister and me at a costume party; the beard is real.) At other points, I've had skater hair, no hair, 70s hair, and a short-lived moustache.

6. I am fourth-generation Washingtonian.



Vanessa said...

You all have your legs crossed the same way in the moustache photo. hehe.

Jonathan said...

Sibling mind-meld!

James Cooper said...

I'm lactose-intolerant, but only mildly so, which basically means I can't drink milk straight but can eat yogurt, cheese, etc. I find my inability to digest dairy in its natural form remarkably annoying, but, obviously it could be a lot worse.

Oh, and your skater hair link seems to be a no-go.

Jonathan said...

Fixed, thanks!