Wednesday, January 03, 2007

And winter quarter begins with a bang

Yesterday, winter quarter launched with introductory sessions in Marketing and Finance. The professors for both of these classes have actually won awards for their pedagogical acumen and I'm excited to learn from them.

I admit that I was expecting yesterday's sessions to consist of syllabi review and administrative details. I didn't realize we'd be diving immediately into the subject matter. Let's just say I'm still in Winter break mode and was caught a bit off-guard when our marketing prof cold-called me with a question about something we learned in stats last quarter...

And there is plenty else to consider and plan for right away:

  • Internship search (need to decide on companies to apply for my summer internship and start submitting applications right away)
  • Elected officer positions (what do I want to run for?)
  • Business consulting project (our client contact just left the company my team will be working with, and we're waiting to see how the project will change from here)
  • Business plan competition (I'll be attending a once-weekly evening class on this, as well as doing independent and group work on the business plan)
That scheduling thing that I did for finals last quarter seemed to have worked for me pretty well. I'm going to draw out a map for this quarter but on a larger scale. Basically I want to decide how many hours a week I want to spend on each class and each project, and then treat this as a work schedule that I make sure and adhere to (tweaking as necessary). Perhaps I'll post it here as well; that seems to help keep me accountable. :)



Vanessa said...

I made a big three month calendar and posted it on my closet door for 2nd term last year. I think I'll do the same seeing as my term paper is due on my birthday..

-t- said...

Happy New Year 2007!
Much success with your education and the Second Life business plan. If you can use some help, I'm floating around SL as well (Tina Marlin).
I wish you all the best for the New Year.
Luck and Love!

Jonathan said...

Vanessa, what an unfortunate birthday present!

Tina, I'll check for you in SL.