Sunday, December 31, 2006

Trends to watch in 2007

The title of this blog post makes me sound important, doesn't it? Clearly, I know not what lies ahead in the coming year -- nor does anyone else (except, perhaps, the folks at Popular Mechanics.)

Still, it's fun to ask questions. In 2007, I'm wondering:



Vanessa said...

I'm really hoping that in 2007 international pressure will be put on the US (no offense), China, India and Russia to step up and commit to actually reducing polution.

Jonathan said...

The international pressure exists and is growing, and it is starting to have an effect at the state level in the U.S. I do share your hope that the U.S. national government will follow suit and take a stronger stance.

Vanessa said...

Yeah. I heard, though I don't remember where or what about, that Seattle is some sort of environmentally friendly trend setter in the U.S.

Jonathan said...

I must say, I'm proud of my city! :)