Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Oh, my aching thumb-joint

Just finished my accounting final a few minutes ago. My thumb-joint (is that what it's called?) is hurting from all the writing. Just one more final to go - Stats at 1:30. More writing there, including an essay ... egads I'm going to have to write gently. I think I probably press down on the page too hard. I'm not used to writing so much. I (greatly) wish that all exams could be done via computer. Maybe someday.

The accounting final ... it had its good parts and its not-so-good parts. I feel good about studying up on the bonds so much; they definitely made an appearance in the exam, and I feel like I nailed those questions. I don't feel so good, however, about spending so much time on employee stock option plans, which did not show up. As for inventory, I studied LIFO and FIFO, but the exam focused on the weighted-average method - d'oh! For the most part, though, I think I did ok. Studying the practice exams was definitely helpful.

As was the triple grande americano I consumed before the exam.

Ok. Time to do some stats review.



cybele said...

good luck jonathan. i am rooting for you!

Jonathan said...

Why thank you Cybele!
I'm happy to report that I have finished my first quarter, and I am still alive! Today I have been taking it easy -- very easy. I've basically been hanging out in bed and catching up on all the blogs I've been neglecting ... like yours!

Megan said...

I expect you did great, Jonathan.

I hope your thumb joint is feeling okay. I know writing by hand is a very painful thing these days. Are you getting one of those what-do-you-call-ems (calluses?) on your middle finger yet?

Jonathan said...

No calluses, no. I bet if I had one more writing-intensive final exam, they would've appeared...