Sunday, December 03, 2006

The remote control for life

A classmate forwarded me this interesting article from the Economist.

The cellphone is not a telephone. It is a—I don't know what it is. A communications device? A tool I carry in my pocket?
Bruce Sterling, a science-fiction writer whose future caught up with him, and who now writes books about contemporary design and technology, believes phones will be “remote controls, house keys, Game Boys, flashlights, maps, compasses, flash drives, health monitors, microphones, recorders, laser pointers, passports, make-up kits, burglar alarms, handguns, handcuffs and slave bracelets.” In short, he believes that the phone will be “the remote-control for life”.
From my own experience, I've seen my phone come to play an increasingly important role as an extension of my memory.


Vanessa said...

I made sure not to get a cell phone that is anything other than a phone. A protest of sorts I guess.

Jonathan said...

I'm partial to the non-phone functions, myself. :) Tell truth, I use mine to check email much more often than for talking. Frankly, if I never had to talk on the phone, I probably wouldn't complain...