Sunday, December 10, 2006

Finals Eve

Yes, it is Finals Eve, and not a creature is stirring in my home...certainly not me. I am an inert, stationary lump at my desk. But rest assured that my mind is aflame with the passion of learning!

Pictured is a tantalizing glimpse into my world of finals preparations.

I think posting that schedule the other night was a good idea; something about a public proclamation of "here's what I'm going to do" has helped keep me productive. We learned something along those lines in our Management class. It's a technique of influence: commitment and consistency. A declaration of public commitment to a (perhaps undesirable) task makes it more likely that you'll want to remain consistent with that declaration and follow through. That's straight from my study notes! I think I jotted that one down around 2 AM last night.

I'll get back to the Management later this afternoon. Now it's time for Accounting prep, which I am finding surprisingly enjoyable ... much more so than econ.



joy said...

Wait, is your study room lavender?

sarah said...

Accounting is worse than econ for me. At least with econ, I can put down formulas. For accounting, I need to write down EVERYTHING including every practice question from each practice test. I'm half-way through the acct study sheet and I still have a long way to go.
BTW, I studied in the library yesterday, but I realized just how much crap I have since I had to lug it around all day. I'm at home now.

Jonathan said...

Joy, yes, it is indeed lavendar. It's actually a closet, but it works great as a study area, because there's a window (not pictured, to the right of the desk). None of the other walls in my apartment are lavendar. Maybe it's good; maybe it helps keep me awake and lucid in this room. I can only hope..

Sarah, you know it's funny. After I wrote this post I continued to do the Whole Foods case (started last night) and it started to get nasty. How to account for the zero-coupon bonds? Wha-? I thought I was going to be able to finish this afternoon but I'm still not done with it. I'll hit it again tomorrow night, and at that point I think it's time to stop mucking about and go straight to the answer key. I need to fil out the rest of my cheat sheet..