Saturday, December 09, 2006

The pathos is palpable

Ok, so I know I said you wouldn't see me til Tuesday. But we all need study breaks, right? I've done well; I've stayed on schedule. Over the last few hours I've been working my way through stats, listening to one of the finest albums released in the last ten years, and if you haven't heard it, I urge you do do so soon.

So anyways, I was just checking my site traffic, as bloggers are wont to do (often). In the past hour, someone in California found my blog via the Google search string cheat sheet for marketing mba (although I offer no such study aid on my blog, as I don't take marketing til next quarter, I nevertheless unhelpfully appear at #20 in the Google search results.)

Ahh, but the pathos of such a search. One can sense the late-night desperation.



joy said...

I dunno, I had a hard time getting into the Boards of Canada the last time I tried to listen to them.

As for desperate exam takers, apparently quite a few of them have found a really old post in which I moaned about Examsoft (PC based exam taking software). I don't believe I was of much help to them.

Jonathan said...

It's definitely interesting to see what brings folks to one's blog...and whether their search was actually all in vain.

Ouch - it pains me to see such a summary dismissal of musical genius! I'll concede that there's always an element of subjectivity in musical appreciation. However! I don't think it's debatable that BOC essentially created a new genre in electronic music, a genre well worth exploring.