Thursday, December 21, 2006

Building a business plan in Second Life

A few evenings ago a classmate and I met with a couple of programmers to discuss applications (the details of which I'll keep mum) that they are building in Second Life. I took a screenshot as our avatars sat around a floating table on the roof of tall building. That's me with my back to the camera, and my classmate is seated to my right. The programmers are the two other guys.

I've roamed around Second Life on my own over the past few months, but this was the first time I've participated in a structured meeting "in-world," as they say. Communicating via Skype conference call and some in-world IM, we kicked around ideas for building a business plan. My classmate and I are going to work with a few other classmates on doing the market research and drafting the business plan, and we'll enter it in a competition in a few months.

To say the least, I'm finding this thoroughly fascinating. With the time-intensive first quarter in the MBA program complete, we're encouraged to start exploring directions in business that catch our fancy. The business plan competition is one avenue for this, as is the Business Consulting Network, which I am also participating in.



James Cooper said...

I downloaded the Second Life client quite a while ago but never got around to even installing it. I keep reading about all the amazing things people are doing on there, from simple interaction among people and groups, to holding concerts and meetings, to conducting business. This is the stuff of sci-fi stories in its budding infancy.

Truly fascinating stuff.

Hope you're having a happy holidays and have a happy New Years!

Jonathan said...

Yes, it's been absolutely fascinating to watch what's going on there.

My holidays have indeed been happy and very restful. Happy New Years to you, James! :)