Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Jury Duty

I have been "randomly selected to serve as a trial juror in the municipal court of Seattle, County of King." I've asked if the MBA program office can send a letter on my behalf indicating it would be difficult for me to complete my degree on time if I serve as a juror. We'll see how that goes.

My juror's instructions indicate the following:

Waiting is an unavoidable part of jury service....We have desks equipped with Internet access and Wi-fi (wireless fidelity) for jurors wishing to bring laptop computers with them. There is an extensive and current magazine collection but we do encourage you to bring reading materials, crafts, or other projects to pass the time.
Sounds like I'd be able to get lots of homework (or popsicle-stick houses? That's all I can think of when I hear the word "crafts.") done down there. But I'd be missing out on lectures and class discussion, and that would really set me back.



Frank said...

It says: "or other projects"

You should ask to bring the MBA program there as your "other project" ;)

Vanessa said...

Hopefully you can get out of it. It would suck to set back your degree. But if you can't, you can always look on the bright side. Stevevn L. Cloud (of BOASAS) recently got called to jury duty:

"Holy crap I have jury duty tomorrow. I'm going to be on a real jury. My new name is Juror #6.

Has anyone ever been on a jury before? How does it feel to hold someones life in your hands?

I bet it's awesome. I can't wait.

And your country has some all right aspects to it. Such as not releasing an ex-convict who is a rapist and at "high risk to re-offend" released into your city. Hopefully he doesn't, because it would seriously suck to have to have another women's life shaken up in order to get him back in. And on the flipside, jailing a 78-year-old woman for ten months for protesting against Olympic highway construction that would destroy an ecosystem. Just some perspective:-)