Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Did I just ... ?

Lately in the mornings I find myself unsure if I just took my multivitamin. It's my custom during breakfast to become intensely fixated on whatever I'm reading. So I've got the little bottle of multivitamins next to me, and I remember that I had the thought "I will take my vitamin" I few moments ago. But did I actually take one just now? I cannot recall.

Isn't this what happens to old people? Uh-oh. I suppose I need one of these.



Armchair Anarchist said...

I get this problem (even since I quit the weed). There is a solution - make sure you always take the vitamins after or during a short unduplicated action.

For example - I drink my morning pineapple juice in one chug. I take my vitamin with the first gulp. Therefore, if the PJ is gone, the vitamin is taken. Maybe I miss it one day in a fortnight, but better that than ODing and feeling like crap all day (which I did a few times before I struck on this particular plan).

Jonathan said...

I like this plan! I'm going to give it a shot - thanks!