Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bite-sized Singapore recap

Got back from Singapore on Sunday and I've been quite busy since then catching up. Although Kien and I didn't get much of chance to sightsee, I got a lot out of the experience. We both left with a veritable plethora of ideas for how to improve our program, and the goal now is to distill those down to a few good ones. We also left feeling optimistic about our program relative to other top MBA programs from around the world. We've got some solid assets that many other programs simply do not -- such as our career center, which is generously staffed with folks that ambitiously go out of their way to scout out opportunities for us.

Back to studying for tomorrow's Operations midterm --


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Vanessa said...

That's so nuts that you went to singapore. Good luck on the exam! Anyways, I must go back to trying to figure out the difference between "real" and "nominal" for my macro final next week. I seriously can't figure it out.. maybe I shouldn't be an econ minor.