Sunday, April 08, 2007

Heading to Singapore

On Tuesday I will be heading to Singapore to attend the Graduate Business Conference, along with Bonnie (the outgoing MBAA prez) and Kien (Executive vice-president). This is a yearly conference for student leaders of MBA programs from around the world. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to exchange ideas with my counterparts from other programs. And to get out in the 80-degree weather a bit. :)

I had a scare a few days ago when I thought I wouldn't receive my renewed passport in time for the trip. I called the Passport Services Office -- actually I had to call 9 times to even get into a hold queue, in which I waited for 50 minutes until I spoke with someone. They're not kidding about the current increased demand for passports! The rep was very helpful and was able to get my passport bumped up to a next-day shipment, so all's well.

The class workload is certainly lighter in spring quarter, but I've been keeping myself busy getting accustomed to my new role as MBAA president. It's a fascinating experience and I've been enjoying it a lot, particularly discussions with classmates and staff on strategic directions for the program. I met with the Dean recently and he has an ambitiously optimistic viewpoint on where the program is headed -- and I must say, this sentiment is infectious.



Cortilia said...

Mr. President
You are doing a very good job. Please keep doing what you are doing now and enjoy Singapore. Sadly, we don't really have time to chat casually, because of your responsibility, but I enjoy reading your blog still, sharing your thought.

Molly K. said...

Hey Jonathan!
I randomly decided to check in on your blog today--I had no idea you were leaving for Singapore so soon! Travel safe and have a blast. Also, mold some minds. Mind molding is good, the younger the better. Hope you have time to meet up with some old Wasser cronies over drinks when you return!

Jonathan said...

Cortilia - thanks! I haven't been updating my blog quite as much lately but I hope to return to regular posting next month.

Molly - I'll do my best to mold minds...and I'll be up for getting together with the Wasserites next month!

nat said...

Ahhh the high flying life of the president. I hear you on the passport thing. It took about 10 times for me to get through as well, plus 4 hours in line at the agency downtown.

¿Why am I reading your blog when I should be finishing my Pisco Sour?