Tuesday, June 19, 2007

And my internship starts off with a bang

On my second morning with my internship at Healia, the press release came out: Healia has been acquired by the media and marketing firm Meredith.

Considering the fact that Meredith is 105 years old and Healia is younger by a century plus, it's an interesting convergence. (I'll refrain from MBA-speak.) The two companies are clearly very different, and yet the acquisition makes sense: each offers something that the other needs. A stalwart of the traditional media world, Meredith needs a way to keep its customer base from defecting to new online competitors. Healia offers an award-winning product, and needs a way to develop awareness in its target customers.

For my part, I'm already seeing why an internship is such a crucial part of the full-time MBA educational experience. Just two days in, and I've already learned a lot.

Moreover, being involved with a forward-looking search engine is, for me, very fun. Musing over the future of internet has been a pastime of mine for a while now, and now I get to keep geeking out on this subject - at work? Lucky me. :)



Vanessa said...

Sounds exciting! Next summer I'm definitely going to be searching for work related to my degree.

restless_river said...

lucky you, indeed! some cool stuff you have on here, blogrolled it...

Steve Spalding said...

Yea, that is a spot of good look there. You'll definitely be getting a lot more out of this internship than you may have bargained for. It should be interesting.