Thursday, August 09, 2007

Fun with the Feedburner Headline Animator

I don't post for a week and all of a sudden I post three times in a day. I know, I know, I'm rebelling against blogging best practices. So be it.

I just used the Feedburner headline animator to make a nifty little widget that displays the latest posts from the Healia Blog:

The Healia Health blog

↑ Grab this Headline Animator

Fun stuff!



Armchair Anarchist said...

Stick it in yer email signature, squire. Viral marketing and all that. ;)

Jonathan said...

Good idear! I was looking into how to do that on the Feedburner site. Looks like it's kind of tricky with Gmail. I was reading through this post on it but haven't quite figured it out yet.

Armchair Anarchist said...

If you use Firefox, install the BetterGmail plugin; it has a built-in script that lets you put HTML in your Gmail sig. Works like a charm.

Jonathan said...

Many thanks, Armchair Anarchist, many thanks! Once again, you've come to my rescue with Firefox plugin advice.

I tried out the Better Gmail plugin and it's a beaut.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

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