Thursday, August 30, 2007

Healia's new Facebook application

Healia, where I've been interning this summer, has just launched a Facebook application: the Healia Health Challenge.

The game tests your general health knowledge with questions that cover nutrition, anatomy, and STDs, among other things. It starts you off as a pre-med student, and if you rack up enough points, you get promoted all the way up to Chief of Medicine.

It's definitely been a lot of fun to work on this as a group over the past few months. If you have a Facebook account, please give it a shot and let me know what you think. And if you like it, please feel free to pass it on. :)



Vanessa said...

Back at school?

Jonathan said...

Not quite yet -- this is my last week at my internship, and then I have a week off before I'll be at school full-time helping out with orientation for incoming students. Classes don't actually start for me until the last week of September.

How about you?

The Foo said...

haven't really looked at facebook yet. i can't think of any reason why i would use it. however, there are just some great apps out there for it. hope the internship is going fine.

wngl said...

Jonathan, I love the challenge! Nice to see your imprimatur on it: the Hyoid bone!