Monday, January 21, 2008

The top 10 social networking sites, 2006 - 2007

Although there was explosive growth in social networking over the past year, a few sites actually lost a significant amount of users over the year: AOL Hometown is down 32%. Ouch. I hadn't ever heard of this site (have you?); when I checked it out just now it had a banner ad for another user-losing site: Classmates Online.

MySpace is still on top, but its user base grew only 9% from 2006 to 2007 -- compared with Facebook's 72% growth during the same period.

It's only a matter of time before Facebook seizes the #1 spot. I mean, my mom is on Facebook, as are two of my aunts. They never hopped on the MySpace bandwagon. Indeed, many people I know have deleted their MySpace profiles.

But MySpace remains popular with the young'uns. T-Mobile's Sidekick, which targets the 14 to 22-year-old set, boasts of one-touch MySpace access. I find that humorous. Then again, I programmed in one-touch Facebook access in my phone..



Vanessa said...

I only use myspace to keep track of local bands.

atomicvelvetsigh said...

ha! yeah myspace has a great impact on the youth sector indeed..

passin by from BOTB.. i see you took on mine.. hehe.. goodluck on the battle!

Jonathan said...

And good luck to you! :)

Gabriela said...

I use both myspace and facebook, but I find myspace quite boring compared to facebook. Facebook's way better.