Sunday, October 22, 2006

OpenID and digital identity

Doing research for one of my group projects this evening, I ran across a post about the growing interest in Identity 2.0: tools are appearing that facilitate a digital identity that you can use anywhere online.

OpenID appears to be the most well-known.

I'd love to look into this further, but I've got to get back to my project research at moment. It's an interesting project, actually, exploring the future of corporate blogging and its implications for business.



CyberCelt said...

It may be a good idea. Here is what I use on my domains:

I also have contact information on privacy policy on my webs.

You may want to read my post:

about edelman and Wal-Mart. It shows the need for ethics and transparency online.

Armchair Anarchist said...

Looks like someone's working on aggregating all those multiple identities after all - pretty inevitable, really, but good to see anyway: