Tuesday, October 31, 2006

In other news

A couple months back, I confessed to finding Gmail ads fascinating, and going so far as to bring them up as objects of discussion. According to today's Wall Street Journal (subscription req'd), I'm not alone in this.

In other news, it's suddenly turned chilly in Seattle. This morning I wore the scarf my sister gave me for the first time in seven months or so.

In other news, we have a midterm in microeconomics today. We're allowed to bring in a one-page cheat sheet, and I believe I've set a new personal record for fitting a plethora of tiny text and graphs onto a page. Our instructor warns us that many of us will find this exam difficult, cheat sheet or no. The experience has certainly been building an in-the-trenches camaraderie amongst my classmates.

In other news, happy Halloween!



cybele said...

good luck on your exam!!

Vanessa said...

I also had a microeconomics midterm in October. But I'm in undergrad though, so my microeconomics is probably a watered down version of you business school microeconomics. I'm pretty excited I passed. Hope you pass too!

Jonathan said...

I think I passed -- barely. Our microeconomics class is incredibly difficult for those of us (like me) who've never taken an econ class before. Wish I would've done what you're doing now, when I was an undergrad.