Monday, October 02, 2006

This blog has been smacked (soundly)

This blog was reviewed today over at italk2much. The blogger there and assorted commenters raked me through some fiery coals. I shouldn't really take it personally, though; I submitted my blog for review figuring that I'd be resoundingly trashed. I did it anyways...does that make me a masochist? Hmm..

The blogger brings up a good point: that I'm not really showing my personality in this blog:

I think it reminds me of magazine articles because there’s not a whole lot of personality in it. I read one post, started to glaze over, and skipped to the next one. I glazed over again and wondered if it was because I needed a nap. Then I figured out it was just the blog I was reading.
Particularly lately, I've been enthusing about the MBA program and I can imagine that's boring or much worse for anyone other than the MBA-curious and the handful of friends 'n' family sorts who read this blog.

The commenters were a bit more pointed. Some of them made good points, others didn't, and most made me laugh (wryly). Some of my favorites:
Another MBA student. Why do they feel the need to announce this like it’s a plus or a badge of honor?
Alliteration is of the devil.
Holy shit the last one is fucking boring. Ignorant Google ads and the design leaves a lot to be desired. Although he is slightly cute.
...It’s also boring as hell and I don’t think he’s all that cute...
I only said he was slightly cute. Not a hunka hunka burnin’ love.
I wonder why someone chasing an MBA would blog about MySpace. Does this mean the intellectually superior have been sucked in by the Evil Empire’s Tractor Beam too?
The title is stupid and I’m even more pissed off that he thinks he has to explain it. And yes, it’s just as it sounds, no hidden meaning, really. Yep, another “uber-geek” MBA student, optimistically gushing, “I can tell I’m going to learn a lot!” and off to fix the world with his brilliant “Management” skills.
it bothers me that someone that seems to have something to say, is not saying it. What are you hiding?


CyberCelt said...

Hey, that is actually fairly decent smack from those bloggers. I have never had the nerve to submit my blogs for smacking.

I'd flash my MBA if I had one.

Here for C&C Monday.

The Foo said...

i'm in the same boat as you... i had mine sent in too. oh boy, can't wait to see it dissected.

i saw your review when it came out as I read the site from time to time - it's not a bad review especially comparing it to some of the ones that were done in the past. seems like they have mellowed down a little from months ago, not as many F bombs but concentrating more on the actual review. i did get myself reviewed by Ask and you shall receive a couple of days ago. They are an I2TM clone.

the mba is going nicely i see.

-t- said...

I have to second cybercelt and the foo - the review is not that bad. And the commenters, well, they have a point here and there but mostly they are just trying to be more rude and annoying than the reviewers themselves are. It's an art, you know. ROTFL

Anonymous said...

I'm confused...why do you care what some strangers think about your blog? The fact that they have time to critique blogs makes me wonder about their exciting lives....

Paddy Tan said...

I think it takes a lot of courage to submit your own blog for others to smack it down.

Some are downright critical and some are probably just trying to outdo each others. :)

Oskar Syahbana said...

LOL, I think there's a cup of tea for everyone. I don't think that your blog is boring or anything like that (being a finance student my self -- not an MBA -yet- though).

This blog will surely goes to my RSS feed ;)

Lord Matt said...

I have to agree somewhat with old anonymous those comments read like the sound of empty vessals... the kind of person I imagine devides thier time between wanking and beeing mean.

OK this is not the commedy channel but then it never set out to be.

All is not lost - one felt you were a looker.

For a more constructive review ask your MyBlogLog peers.