Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Editing on the fly

Someone crossed out an erroneous apostrophe in my apartment manager's hand-written note the other day.

I swear it wasn't me.



James Cooper said...

Haha, yeah, it's very tempting to correct spelling errors as you see them but I see so many of them, both minor and very major, that I would likely go insane trying to fix all of them.

Doctor Fong said...

haha i try to fix them all!

joy said...

Gee, thanks now you have awakened my inner grammarian.

I have to do some editing now.

Vanessa said...

Is it just the picture, or does your appartment manager just not write his "E"s with a vertical line?

CyberCelt said...

I would have done it. I cannot help but edit, it is my reason for being! Not really, but its hard not to.

Happy C&C Monday.

Megan said...

I walked by a middle school in my neighborhood today with a sign up that said "GRATFUL THANKSGIVING, NOVEMBER 23" (right next to the "NO FIREARMS" sign).

You have to love the American public school system.

The problem with responding to a post like this is that you have to be extra careful about typos. I lose all faith in my editorial eye. (Or is that loose all faith?)