Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Precipitatio Ambiguoso

For the past several minutes, I haven't been able to determine whether it's been raining or snowing here in Capitol Hill. It honestly appeared to be doing both at once. Now it looks like straight-up snow. I could go outside to examine this matter further...but no. I like the view from my cozy warm desk.

Ah, but this accursed weather keeps my attention fixed out the window, when it should be fixed upon my accounting homework!

My musical soundtrack tonight is Mi Media Naranja, the exquisitely barren and contemplative 1997 release from Labradford.



nat said...

Man, there was no doubt it was snowing at our place. There is still at least an inch on the ground today.

Come to Seattle they said. Its never freezes they said. It only drizzles they said...

Jonathan said...

And you seem to have ended up in the coldest, snowiest part of Seattle! Really, though, it's usually not like this. November was a bizarre anomaly. I swear!