Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Seattle over the past few days

A little tap on the window-pane, as though something had struck it, followed by a plentiful light falling sound, as of grains of sand being sprinkled from a window overhead, gradually spreading, intensifying, acquiring a regular rhythm, becoming fluid, sonorous, musical, immeasurable, universal: it was the rain.
-Proust, Swann's Way


James Cooper said...

I've always liked the rain but growing up in Southern Califoria I didn't realize how little I knew of real rain. Then I went to college back East and spent time with the relatives there and realized what real rain could be.

I know Seattle is supposed to be known for being overcast, drizzle, and rain, but do you get the same intense downpours, winds, and wall-shaking thunder of the Eastern states?

Jonathan said...

No, we generally don't get the intense east coast precipitation. The past week has been an exception, though .. it's been windy with heavy rains.

Jonathan said...

My friend Eric wrote a post detailing the disturbing side of the ongoing torrential rains we're experiencing here in the NW.