Sunday, November 26, 2006


It doesn't matter that I'm 32 years old and in grad school. I keep looking at the falling snowflakes illumined by the streetlight out my window, and I feel like a little kid again, hoping school will be cancelled tomorrow. Chances are slim, I'm sure.

The snow is starting to stick now, up in the east Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. The gradually growing snow-blanket makes my urban neighborhood smaller, more quiet, more rural-seeming.

It's a perfect evening for Nick Drake's Pink Moon. I'm listening to that now, in my pajamas and flannel shirt, doing some editing and stats research. Yes, still working on the stats.



CyberCelt said...

If you have to do stats, you need the snow! Here for C&C Monday. Late again.

Vanessa said...

Did you end up getting a snow day? As you know, I did. But it was more due to the fact that the snow wiped out electricity on campus. Otherwise I'm sure they would have made us come.

I also did/am doing economics work. I've neglected microeconomics since the midterm over a month ago.... and I really want to pass the final (worth 65%) in two weeks!

I also got my answer to the weather question. < /long comment >

Jonathan said...

No snow day for us!

Final's worth 65%, eh? Damn. Good luck on that. After an...unsatisfying...performance on my econ midterm, I've been giving my econ text lots of love, and I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of it. Gotta stick with it over the last few weeks of the quarter.

jp said...

jonathan shaw, where have ye gone?

zf lively is back in town and misses your laughter!

Jonathan said...

Hola Jeremy! Long time no see! And very long time no see for Mr Lively... I've been a little busy lately. A lot busy. Perhaps during xmess break we can all meet up!