Thursday, July 26, 2007

Children of the 70s

children of the 70sBorn in '74 (me) and '76 (her), my sister Katy and I are children of the 70s. We wore the funny clothes. Everything was orange and brown and hazy and bellbottom-y.

In honor of the strange decade of our birth, Katy has started writing The RollerBlog. In her words:

This blog chronicles my journey into the decade of my birth, in which I will immerse myself in all things seventies. Movies, books, music, television, pop culture, and more await.

children of the 70sDefinitely take a look; her blog is a lot of fun. She's posted reviews of the film Silent Running, the discography of Yes, and a called Half Past Human.

Katy, I bid you a warm welcome to the world of blogging. :)

A few more photos of us from the 70s:



Chelsey said...

Aww how cute were you and your sister... and your clothes were not THAT funny looking ;)

Jonathan said...

True, we were stylin' in that photo of us on the sidewalk.

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