Tuesday, July 31, 2007


A few days ago, I read about Picnik in a recent Mossberg column (sub req'd). It's an uncharacteristically glowing review with nary a negative word:

Picnik has a beautiful and responsive user interface .... If you want to see how good a Web application can be, take Picnik for a spin.
Intrigued, I hastened to check it out for myself. It didn't take me long to acquiesce (always loved that word) to Mossberg's assessment. It is indeed a beaut. And there's a fetching sense of humor sprinkled throughout, like in the loading screen (pictured above) -- "floating kites .... laying a blanket... warming breeze..."

Oh, so what Picnik actually does? (Guess I haven't mentioned that yet.) It's a web-based photo-editing program. It does the simple stuff -- crops, resizings, etc -- quickly and painlessly. I definitely recommend giving it a spin.

Check out their blog, too -- in a fun touch, they ask folks to help them come up with a name for the premium version, which is coming soon.



Jackie said...

Thanks for the visit. Never heard of Picnik, maybe I should try it as I muck up all my picture editing even with Picassa.

Jonathan said...

Hi Jackie,
Yes, it's worth a shot. Definitely quick and easy to use -- which I like. :)

Mindy said...

Hi cuz!
Hmm...interestingly enough,I did not need a subscription to read that WSJ article, but if it had asked for a login, I would have gotten a random one from bugmenot.com (a handy resource).
Anyway, picnik sounds like a neat program!

Jonathan said...

Hello there Mindy, nice to hear from you!! Thanks for the bugmenot tip -- I should check that out!