Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cranes aplenty

I snapped the photo at right with my phone as I walked across the I-405 overpass this evening. I was on my daily walk from work to the Bellevue Transit Center.

As the profusion of cranes attest, construction is on a tear in Bellevue, WA, and has been for a while. There was even a tragic accident involving a crane last November.

I'm reminded of all the cranes poking out of downtown Seattle during the Internet boom, eight years ago. At the time, friends and I jokingly envisioned "crane wars" wherein the slumbering mechanical giants would suddenly come to life and battle each other, a la Transformers.

geese on the sidewalkAlthough I confess the walk over the I-405 overpass is not in the least enjoyable -- motorists on the on-ramps actually seem to purposefully accelerate in an attempt to run over my fleeing pedestrian self -- I do sometimes see fun things nearby, like the geese on the sidewalk on Monday morning.



Michael said...

Here via Blogexplosion, yeah, downtown Seattle has become crane central. Seems they are throwing up the hotels and office buildings left right and center.

Jonathan said...

Hey Michael, I'm not in downtown Seattle as much as I used to be (unfortunately), but from what I've seen, there's plenty of cranes down there as well.

But the number of cranes in Bellevue at moment is simply astonishing. It seems there's a new one every day.