Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Social Networking: all over the news

Perhaps it's just the news I follow, but it seems that social networking developments are popping up everywhere in the last few days.



Anonymous said...

I agree

sites like facebook zooped.com myspace bebo.com make it very convenient for users to have the best of both worlds.

Some blog pages are already starting to adapt

mashable.com started their own social network built around their popular blog.

Jonathan said...

That's interesting about Mashable's own social network. I wonder if they did it in-house or used another service. It's getting ever-easier to build your own social network, with services like me.com and Ning.

Anonymous said...

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schee said...

Yep, some even include memberships
for dogs and cats!
New ones are out everyday. Old ones
try to get more funds to play catch-ups.
just raised $44 million.
eVo (evolutioniscoming) is the one to
watch out for, it's quite different
from the rest-by integrating the
skill-based casual online game
platform into a somewhat similar
site as MySpace.

Expect a lot of new garbages to
come too.


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