Thursday, July 06, 2006

Al Gore to address Wal-Mart executives

Former Vice President and environmental activist Al Gore is planning to address Wal-Mart Stores Inc. executives next week at the retailer’s quarterly conference on sustainability, part of the company’s recent efforts to become an environmental leader, a Wal-Mart spokesman confirmed.

All the blue-chip companies are going green this year. The question, of course, is: what's the signal-to-greenwash ratio here? As this Treehugger post points out, there's much to applaud in Wal-mart's recent sustainability commitments. Sure, it's a cunningly smart PR campaign: bring in Al Gore to reach the coastal urban demographic, a group that has particularly low "approval ratings" for Wal-mart these days. But there's no reason to doubt that Wal-Mart will follow through on these commitments. After all, their business will only benefit.

via Wall Street Journal | digg story


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