Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Democracy Player: nudging TV in the right direction

Democracy: Internet TVWhile walking to work this morning, I heard a
Future Tense podcast about the new Democracy Player. It's a new Internet TV application that subscribes to video RSS feeds. You can use it to search for videos and subscribe to channels. The Democracy Player is developed by the Participatory Culture Foundation. This group wants to make sure that the emerging world of online TV is more diverse and intelligent than the conventional TV wasteland we've been living with over the past half-century. From the PCF site:

Our mission is to build an open and democratic television platform. Television is the defining medium of our culture. There's now an opportunity to create a television culture that is fluid, diverse, exciting, and beautiful. Built by people working together....Television is moving online. Will it be the same narrow, top-down cultural stagnation that we see on traditional television?
Ever since reading Neil Postman's Amusing Ourselves to Death as a young lad in high school, I've been highly crictical of mainstream television. And so, "technoptimist" that I am (in this way I differ from Postman), I'm very excited about the move to online TV, especially considering technology like the Democracy Player.

Take a peek at some screenshots here.


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