Monday, July 24, 2006

Heat, horses, and hasty observations

Yesterday I returned from my vacation, a few days later than originally planned. Our van gave up the ghost in Idaho, and we had a two-day setback as we tracked down a new vehicle. You'll see a longer post about this soon. In the meantime, I proffer you these quick observations:

  • Heat (temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit) makes my mind shut down and severely diminishes my motivation. Is this why there's no school in the summertime?

  • I spotted several wind turbines in Montana, Idaho, and Washington, which got me musing once again about new opportunities for rural economies. More posts on this subject forthcoming.

  • Horses often stand next two each other in pairs, with each horse's head next to the other's tail. Why do they do this? Does anyone know? Please tell me. I'm losing sleep over this one.

  • Non sequitur: Autopia reports that there's a new device, the iLane, which reads your email aloud and provides email management services, all via voice-activated commands.


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