Thursday, July 13, 2006

Telecommuting could save much again?

Quite a bit, according to a recent National Technology Readiness Survey. As FutureWire puts it:

If all workers in the US who are able to telecommute actually worked from home an average of 1.6 days per week, the gasoline savings would total $3.9 billion (not to mention reduced car emissions, less stress and more productive time).
The FutureWire post goes on to suggest that, in light of this fact, there should be a national initiative to encourage telecommuting. I like that idea. Another reason that businesses should be thoroughly prepared for telecommuting is the possibility of an avian flu epidemic, as eWeek discussed a few months ago.


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NotPhil said...

We could also push for effective mass transportation systems and less urban sprawl.

Telecommuting is okay for some jobs, but it's generally slow, clumsy, and unreliable compared to a face-to-face working environment.