Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The keyboard food tray: enabling anti-social behavior

keyboard food trayI consider myself to be a fairly extroverted socialite; I spend a lot of time with a variety of friends. But I'm definitely not one of those people who can never eat alone. Ever since my childhood days of reading "Choose Your Own Adventure" books (This Wikipedia entry gave me a burst of nostalgia) at the table whilst dawdling over my meal, I've always treasured a solitary meal and a good book. Or, as has been the norm over the past six or seven years, a lesiurely web-browsing session.

And so, I welcome the advent of the keyboard food tray. It's another step forward for multitasking. And one more reason to avoid face-to-face contact with others!

Via TechEBlog and Treehugger


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Kristina said...

I would totally knock that thing over and spill everything everywhere. Then I would swear a lot. That would be anti-social behavior. Wouldn't placing liquid closer to the keyboard make it more likely that you'd spill on the keyboard, rather than, say, if you put it on a surface next to your desk or something? Am I the only one whose hands flail around while typing? I have hyperactive extremities.

Wait, I have more questions- why do I always feel like a hopeless geek when I am hunched over my computer keyboard, typing frantically on my blog post in my undies on a Saturday night? Is the alluring hum of my monitor reprogramming my brain waves, causing me to eschew human contact, or maybe just chew on my fingernails? These are questions that keep me up at night.

Love the pictures! Your blog is so colorful and eye-catching. And thought provoking! I am thinking about my embarrassing computer behavior now…