Monday, July 31, 2006

MySpace as a promotion vehicle

Stephanie Pure
The ever-informative blog Micro Persuasion features a great link list today, including a link to this news story about young entrepreneurs doing business on MySpace. It's a very smart way to launch a marketing campaign. Indeed, considering the fact that MySpace has become the most popular site on the Internet, it's unwise for a business not to have a presence there. It doesn't cost anything to set up a promotional profile, and MySpace users can quickly spread the word about your business (see the Wikipedia entry on viral marketing).

If MySpace works for business and bands, why not political campaigns? It's already happening, as this article in BusinessWeek describes. In my area, the 43rd district in Washington, state congressional candidate (and friend of mine) Stephanie Pure is using this approach. See her MySpace profile here: Using MySpace is a very smart campaign strategy in the young, urban, web-savvy region I live in.

Use of MySpace as a promotion vehicle -- for a growing variety of causes -- will undoubtedly increase.


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