Monday, August 14, 2006

Blogger categories (real ones) have arrived

Perhaps overshadowed by today's deluge of blog posts dedicated to Windows Live Writer (which I'm trying out for the first time, with this post) is Blogger's announcement of a new beta version that supports categories. Blogger will be gradually rolling out invitations to try out the beta, but you can create a new account by using your Google account.

Digital Inspiration has posted a great review, with screenshots.

I haven't tried it out yet; I'll wait -- with baited breath -- for an invitation. This is definitely a great development for Blogger users.



Anonymous said...

Windows Live Writer is a ploy of the NSA to track the key strokes of dissenting Americans.

Wise up - do you really need a desktop app to help compose an damned blog entry?

Foolish bloggers playing right into the hands of the Satanists - check it out for yourself - Windows Live Writer calls home from your machine!

# # #

Jonathan said...

Anonymous, congratulations for writing the most entertaining comment on my blog to date! ;)

Sairah said...


I gotta agree

I'm a lazy bum, so the main reason I wanted WLW was for a snazzy interface and not needing to login every damn time I want to post something. ><