Sunday, August 13, 2006

My anfractuous employment history

Getting ready to go to Dairy Queen - circa 1990I have had many jobs. So many, in fact, that I've lost count. One might well refer to my employment history as an anfractuosity, and I wouldn't disagree.

Many of these jobs, such as picking strawberries in the summer of '86, and my stint as a Diary Queen employee (pictured, you can see me all ready to head off to Dairy Queen - circa 1990) were "character-building" experiences, to say the least.

But I'll stop right there. I wonder, from looking at my blog, what you, good reader, might infer about the many-chapter'd book that is my job history. Even if you know me in real life -- you don't know every job I've had (I can't even remember, myself).

Try giving the following poll a shot. I'll post the answer, along with some more information about my employment history, on Saturday, August 19.

Which job has Jonathan never worked?
Security officer
Nurse's assistant
Delivery driver
Paperboy customer service
Newspaper technology reporter
Desktop publisher
Software tester
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