Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ten time-saving keyboard shortcuts

How many keyboard shortcuts do you use? Other than the basics (CTRL+C, CTRL+V, CTRL+Z, etc.), that is. If you're like most Windows users, you might not be aware that you can use keyboard shortcuts to do everything that your mouse does -- but much more efficiently.

Here are ten of my personal favorites. Yes. I'm a geek.

WordWord shortcuts

  • CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW     Selects every character to the right of the insertion point, in the current word. CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT ARROW selects the characters to the left.
  • CTRL+SHIFT+END     Selects all characters to the right of the insertion point, in the entire file. CTRL+SHIFT+HOME selects all characters to the left.
  • ALT+SHIFT+M     Inserts a comment. (As an editor, I use this feature all the time.)
  • F7     Runs the spelling/grammar checker.
  • CTRL+SPACEBAR     Removes all character formatting from the selected text.

ExcelExcel shortcuts
  • CTRL+PAGE UP and CTRL+PAGE DOWN     Moves to the next sheet (left and right, respectively) in a workbook.
  • ALT+ENTER     Starts a new line in the same cell.

OutlookOutlook shortcuts
  • CTRL+SHIFT+I     Go directly to your inbox.
  • CTRL+SHIFT+V     Move an email message (opens the "Move Item" dialog box).

WindowsWindows shortcuts
  • Windows Logo+M     Minimizes all windows. I know, you like to click on the "Desktop" icon to do this. But the keyboard shortcut is quicker.
I could list more -- many more -- but I wanted to keep this list to just ten. Let me ask you: what are your favorite keyboard shorcuts? Which ones do you find yourself using all the time?



Jackie said...

Interesting info. I rarely use shortcuts but should give it a bash as I am told by many thatit simplifies things tremendously.

Thanks for the visit to my blog.

dorje said...

Shortcuts are my LIFE. You mentioned (WINDOWS LOGO + M) as a good one- I prefer (WINDOWS LOGO + D) for the same purpose, except it has the added benefit of being a toggle, minimizing all open windows and then opening them all again with each subsequent press. Also (F2) is a godsend for quick renaming of files! And the ultimate hotkey, the one I use more than any other: (ALT + TAB) to toggle between open windows. So... fassssst!

Jonathan said...

Jackie, I like your vegan recipe blog! keyboard shortcuts can take a little getting used to, but you'll quickly see how much more efficient they are (not to mention easier on the wrist) than their mouse equivalents.

Dorje, you are the GOD of keyboard shortcuts. I seem to recall that I learned many from you, several years back.'re right, (WINDOWS LOGO + D) is better than (WINDOWS LOGO + M) ...I like that toggle action. Thanks for the tip!

The Foo said...

What will we do without "sacred" shortcuts! You know one can actually write a small book on the shortcuts available and profit from it ;-). (hint)

TaraMetBlog said...

I'll need a shortcut to this blog entry to remember those. I do use shortcuts a lot life and on my computer ;)