Sunday, August 06, 2006

Linkalicious: 8/6/2006

Words: if you know the unusual ones, you can impress (or more likely annoy) your friends. Try these ones on for size:

  • Anfractuosity - n. a twisting, turning, winding path. A complicated or involved process.
  • Descant - n. An ornamental melody sung or played above a theme.
    v. To comment at length.
  • Acai - adj. A type of Brazilian berry, noted for its high antioxidant value and distinct chocolate flavor.
  • Matutinal - adj. pertaining to or occurring in the morning.
  • Milliner - n. One who designs or sells women's hats.
Can they all be used in one sentence?


Kristina said...

Jamba Juice has an acai smoothie. I always embarrass myself trying to order it because it is hard to pronounce.

The milliner, after her matutinal acai smoothie, is likely to descant while engaged in the anfractuosity that is selling hats.

I'm a poet, baby.

Jonathan said...

Impressive wordplay, Kristina! :)

Kristina said...

that was fun :) I look forward to your next wordiness.

Stephen said...

Sadie the milliner maneuvered the anfractuosity of haphazardly placed footstools, sat and started her matutinal meal with a single acai, eying the bowl of almonds and oatmeal, just as the old Victrola began to scratch out the recording of Gran'mama's favorite descant.

Steve Tiano

Jonathan said...

Steve, you're a talented wordsmith! Your sentence reminds me of a translation of Proust I was reading last year, where I first spotted the term "anfractuosity." I like your blog!