Friday, August 11, 2006

Teh linkalicious: 8/11/06

Noble readers, I bid you a happy Friday. I proffer you your daily dose of Linkalicious®:

  • Wall street has a big crush right now on green energy. The question is: how much of this interest will dissipate if the price of oil drops? Perhaps that question is moot, and the price of oil will continue to spiral upwards. If that's true, green energy investors will reap big profits.
  • tehHave you been seeing the term teh a lot lately? One blogger sounds off on this trend:
    I tell you this, without hyperbole - walk over my grave, and I shan't blink; slowly draw your nails down a chalkboard and I may shudder, but speak "teh" in my presence, and be cursed with the knowledge that you have, in that moment, shaken my soul to its core in the most unpleasant of ways.
    Perhaps some bloggers might benefit by referencing a grammar guide every now and again.
  • My friend recently posted a list of ten things she hates:
    hummer limos. my god! as if hummers themselves weren't disgusting enough. do they need to be bigger? no! a thousand billion trillion times no!
  • The Green Geek, a Canadian blog that I highly recommend, posted yesterday about an intriguing climate change reversal strategy. It involves seeding the ocean with iron dust, which encourages phytoplankton growth:
    If this were carried out on a large scale, it could have the effect of reducing our atmospheric carbon dioxide outputs by up to 50 percent and locking it up forever as chalk on the ocean floor. This would need to be done very carefully though, as we still know relatively little about deep ocean ecosystems and the sudden influx of large amounts of calcified algae might have unintended side effects. However, compared with the alternative of unrestrained carbon dioxide emissions, this seems like a very good avenue to explore.
  • Is the rise of ADHD a sign of the approach of the singularity? In other words, are our minds becoming more hyperactive to cope with the the exponential explosion of information and technology? Velcro City Tourist Board is skeptical of this hypothesis.



Armchair Anarchist said...

Thanks for reading; glad you liked the ADHD/singularity piece. Consider yourself blogrolled! Though I hope your friend doesn't notice my (obviously highly ironic) use of 'teh' from time to time...I'm just trying to be 'down with the kids', you know. ;)

Jonathan said...

Thanks, Paul. Likewise! Your blog makes for very interesting reading, indeed.

And your use of "teh" is clearly ironic, and entertaining. ;)