Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Linkalicious: 8/9/2006

Green WiFi

  • Look at some strange statues from around the world. (Via the Slog.)
  • What's wrong with our growing use of air conditioning, and how to address this problem.
  • Have you heard the news? Scientists have found a planet that can support life. Its atmosphere is too hot for year-round habitation, its gases impede breathing, and surface conditions are sometimes fatal. But by constructing a network of sealed facilities, tunnels, and vehicles, humans could survive on this planet for decades and perhaps even centuries.

    The planet is called Earth.
  • Demand for biofuels is driving demand for vegetable oils to historic levels.
  • Wish my tenant a belated happy 21st birthday!
  • Ten reasons why your organization should use blogging for PR and marketing.
  • MuslimSpace? KrishnaFriends? Welcome to the world of religious social networking sites.


pasion said...

thanks for bid, my new tenant! love the photo of the hands... did u take this? i find your blog really interesting, as i actually have a secret geek streak in me. i think.

Jonathan said...

I like your food blog too, Pasion! I didn't take that hands photo, no, it's from this site.

Thanks again for hosting me!