Thursday, August 03, 2006

My gracious hosts

One of the remarkable things about the BlogExplosion service is its "Rent My Blog" program, in which one blogger features a link to another blog for a week. It's a cooperative way for two blogs (a host and tenant) to help grow each other's site traffic.

For the next week, Fixing Foibles and Follies will be hosted at two fine blogs:

This sort of cross-promotional program is yet another example of the deeply collaborative nature of the Internet (think Wikipedia), and quite frankly, it makes me feel a bit more optimistic about where we humans are headed.


1 comment:

CyberCelt said...

Why, thank you, Jonathan.

I appreciate your renting my blog for the week. I participate in Click and Comment Monday, so you will get some visitors then as well.

Please visit my other blogs and see who is renting what this week. I think you will be surprised and discover some unique blogs.